Saturday, January 16, 2010

Aankhon ki Gusthakiyaa

Aliya managed to find a library somewer close to the place wer they were staying. Being book lovers ...both Rhea and Aaliya decided to go and check out the books there.
Kruthi decided to sleep..The library was really big and they were told that only members could borrow books...people who were not members could sit there and read.
The gang had decided that today they would not visit any place...infact they would just lie back and relax and do their own thing.. So the girls decided they would read the whole day....something that they loved doing..

Rhea found her section...and was busy flipping through the books..and moving ...she could sense someone looking at her from the other side of the rack... but she could see only the eyes... Probably someone else is also flipping thru the books, she thought.. She continued doing what she was doing..

She had 12 books in her hand...and was holding it like she had a big gunny bag in her hand. She was walking towards where Aliya was sitting. With books in her hand she could hardly see.. The books were blocking her view.... She was moving slowly..

Suddenly sumone walked in front of her..and stopped her. She would have tripped if she wasnt alert. And now this person was not moving away.She was just about to speak when tht person started removing the books one by one... She dint knw wot was happening..
He managed to remove 5 books..and now he could see her face....And she could see him.

"Whaaatt... " ...and he gestured her to stop speaking ....
"Listen..." he said, "dont react...i just wanted to see...whom these beautiful eyes belong to" ..."that's it" ..he smiled

That's it?? , she thought... what the hell is happening..

But before she could react..he placed the books back in her hand and walked off..

Aliya came running from behind.. "What happ Rhea?...who's that guy"

"I dont know"

"But i saw u talking to him"

"He was talking to me" ,said Dia angrily

"errmm..Okay..what did he say?"

"that he wanted to see ..whom these beautiful eyes belong to...hell..."

"What...? Wow... and ur angry?"

"ALiya :O ??? "

"Relax yaar...he dint harm u or anything na...then chhod na ...he was just complementing thts it.."

"like this...and who the hell was he"

"Arre rehne dena...chal lets go..but ...tht was damn filmy haa ;)

"sHut up Aal "

Like expected...Aaliya had already published the story in Nainital daily times... And now everyone in the group were teasing her about it.

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