Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Nainital Express2

At the shop...

Rhea and aaliya had come down to Westside along with Pratik for shopping. They wanted to buy something for their friend who was going to turn 24 next week. After deciding on their gift ...they went separate ways just to check out things for themselves.

Rhea came across a beautiful top ...something tht she cudnt take her eyes off... Just next to it was another top which was even more beautiful. Now she was confused...One was blue in colour ..the other was pink...

"ughhh", she thought... this always happens with me...why the hell am i always confused about what to buy..

She tried to look around for Aaliya and pratik..Maybe they could help. But she cudnt find them. Probably pratik was in the men's dept and Alliya? ...oh she must be busy eyeing some hot guy in the store.

Now..What do i do? Pink blue?

"Pink?" ..."No Blue" ..."both are good..m so confused"

"I think blue will suit u", someone said.

She turned around ...this voice seems familiar..

"YOU?" , she said....Oh my god the library guy.

"Yes me...I think blue will look absolutely ravishing on u.."

"Did i ask u?"

"No but i thought i'd help...u looked confused"

" ur He-Man? ...Spiderman? ...Batman??"

"what?? NO.."

"then why r u out here to save the world?"

He laughed...This girl is crazy...he thought

"m not here to save the world...i'm here to help u"

"did i ask u to help me?"

"No..But i dint like the way u were torturing urself.."


"Anyways.. Relax...ur pink or blue...or for tht matter fluorescent..who cares.."

"i dint ask u to care .. u... u..."

"Wow... ur eyes look even more beautiful when ur angry"

I'm gonna kill right here...


"Alrite relax...m leaving...bbye"


"But i swear about ur eyes...they..."


He walks off from there...

Rhea walks towards the counter and hands over the top to the salesgirl. "BLue..nice choice Maam this color will suit u :) "

"why did i buy BLue?" ...wondered Rhea. I love blue.. blue is not a bad color and it suits me...yea i like blue and tht's why i bought it .. not because of tht library guy...she thought, convinced about the reason she walks out from there.

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