Sunday, January 10, 2010


..What a Day... to start with...

was just a few meters away frm my home.. hoping to catch a cab..when a bird pooped on me.. Wow...



I swear if i was a bird..i would Poop back at u... u shitty poopy bird....

Without tht shitty thing affecting my mood..i head straight to work ..ofcourse after wiping it off my shirt..

Luckily for me i get the cab in one shot... M surprised..coz hey dont i always have to run around for a cab?? after asking 15 of them finally agreees.. I guess

The Poop worked..!!

As i reach my workplace...My TL awaits me...with a big broad smile...Never seen those curvy lips smile for me.. all i ever got from them was "do tht... did u completed tht??... late?"
Now he's there all smilingg..

The Poop worked..!!

No there was nothing evilish about his smile.. I was not given any work today.. Am i dreaming?? NO..infact...

The Poop worked..!!

In the evening my co-workers tell me tht the presentation i prepared was liked by my bosses... they were so impressed tht they were thinking of making me the junior head..What??

The Poop worked..!!

MAn.. i've been blessed by Poop-ful-of-luck.. and there i was cursing the bird ... telling him/her tht i would poop back at him..

Poop is good.. from tom onwards i would always go stand under a tree..and wait for the bird to poop :D

I walk back home all smiling...My shoes today express my mood...happy and content.

you could say i'm walking on sunshine :)

The Poop worked..!!


  1. hey... so glad the poop worked on you !
    may u be pooped on again ;)

    cool blog u got here :)

  2. hehehe...shit happens..and lucky poop is a rare happening !!

    will be back adi to

    and oh oh...crossing my fingers for the junior head thing!!

  3. @Manjari : thanks :)

    @Mohit : lol with ur blessing i'l b popped again :P ...thanks :)

    @sulagna : i'l wait for u to come back :) thankss a lot

  4. Birdy birdy in the sky,
    Drops a poopy in ur eye.
    You dont mind, u dont cry,
    Just thank God that cows dont fly.